About Us


SFC Fluidics Inc. has a mission to advance healthcare and improve quality of life through our enabling microfluidic technologies. The company’s vision is to become a recognized global leader in the drug delivery and health monitoring markets where our unique product lines improve lifestyle and affordability.

What We Do


SFC Fluidics seeks to become a leader in the $9B insulin delivery market by bringing healthcare closer to patients with diabetes. Using proprietary micro-fluidics, the Company is developing a connected, wearable drug dosing system that automates insulin delivery, which in turn allows patients with diabetes to live an active lifestyle while avoiding serious complications such as blindness, amputation, and heart disease.  




January '18

SFC Fluidics, Inc. Announces Partnership with JDRF to Develop Pod Device for Automated Insulin Delivery. (Click Here to Read More...)

August '17

SFC Fluidics, Inc. Receives SBIR Phase II Funding for Development of an Implantable Drug Delivery Device. (Click Here to Read More...)

September '16

SFC Fluidics, Inc. Awarded $225,000 Grant to Develop a Dual Hormone Patch Pump for Patients with Diabetes. (Click Here to Read More...)

October '15

SFC Fluidics, Inc. Receives SBIR Phase I Funding for Development of an Implantable Drug Delivery Device. (Click Here to Read More...)

August '14

Novel Pumping Technology Allows Precise Miniaturized Drug Delivery. (Click Here to Read More...)

May '14

SFC Fluidics Developing Smaller, Disposable Insulin Patch Pumps. (Click Here to Read More...)

January '13

Barry Ginsberg, M.D., Ph.D. Joins SFC Fluidics® as Consulting Medical Director. (Click Here to Read More...)

September '12

Healthcare Industry Leader Anthony Cruz Joins SFC Fluidics® as Chief Executive Officer. (Click Here to Read More...)

The Team


Anthony Cruz - CEO

GM at Facet Tech, WW VP Bus Dev at Covidien, WW Bus Dir at BD

Two Early Stage Biotech Companies with Successful Exits

MBA, Stanford University, BSChE, Tufts University

Greg Lamps VP, Product Realization

VP/Director at Facet Tech, IdeaMed & Coapt Systems

Senior Engineer, Diamler-Benz

MBA, MS & BS Mechanical Engineering, Stanford University

Ashley Shemain VP, Marketing and Business Development 

VP at Facet Tech, Director Bus Dev at Covidien

Senior Marketing Manager – BD Diabetes Care

MBA, University of Rochester, BS Mechanical Engineering, Rochester Institute of Technology

Barry Ginsberg Consulting Medical Director

Internationally known academic researcher/endocrinologist

President, Diabetes Associates

Medical Director, BD Diabetes

MD & PhD, Albert Einstein College; Beth Israel Hospital (Harvard)

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